What are the key dates for the 30th Annual Private Banker International Global Wealth Summit & Awards?

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Who should enter?

Any private banking or wealth management institution with demonstrable commitment and success in their region or sector as dictated by the awards criteria.

Typically entries are curated by the most relevant individuals within the institution in collaboration with the marketing team.  It is advised that the project team or individuals responsible for the initiative are heavily involved to ensure that the entry is bespoke and highlights the most pertinent elements of the project or initiative.

Why should you enter?

The awards process from entry through to post-event coverage opens doors primarily to win more work by showcasing your business excellence.  In addition and at varying stages of the awards cycle you can expect to…

  1. Improve employee motivation and engagement: awards are a fantastic way to acknowledge the hard work of your employees and recognise your industry partnerships or collaborations. A very visible way of showcasing teams and individuals alongside their skills and expertise.
  2. Customer recognition: a fantastic way to showcase your capabilities to customers.
  3. Networking: from judging through to the ceremony awards offer unprecedented access to the very upper echelons of the markets c-suite influencers and decision makers.
  4. Brand enhancement / endorsement: external reputational benefits from independent endorsement of your organisation and service offering adds immeasurable benefits. Moreover we closely manage and measure our PR coverage and reach offering a tangible return on investment when you take part.
  5. The opportunity to benchmark against your industry peers: Awards are the perfect platform to do this and represent an opportunity to take stock, benchmark your work and congratulate not just employees, but the entire industry.

How can I enter?

Please register online by clicking on "ENTER THE AWARDS" on the main menu bar. You can also click here to register.

Following your registration, you will be able to author entries for the relevant categories on behalf your company. Work in progress can be saved and you can submit the entries once completed.

If you have any questions on the process or need clarification on the questions, please email tahne.alisaje@meed.com

How do I choose the best category/ies to enter?

Please read the criteria of each category before you choose which category/ies are best suited to your achievements.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.