Rohit is the CEO of Crossinvest (Asia) Pte Ltd, a family owned independent asset management company with a 10 year presence in Asia Crossinvest has deep roots out of Switzerland with a strong presence, through its headquarters in Lugano, of over 30 years.

With over 25 years of experience across eight key markets globally, Rohit has extensive knowledge in Asset management, investment banking and private wealth management Prior to joining Crossinvest (as the CEO, Rohit worked with the Macquarie group for over 22 years in various capacities and geographies including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Hong Kong and India. He has also worked in the UK and New Zealand during the early part of his career.

Rohit has held senior leadership and strategic roles over the past 14 years spanning multiple layers and levels of accountability from that of a Chief Executive with complete accountability of delivering the culture, strategies and business profitability to being a board member responsible for setting the strategies and business goals and having the ultimate accountability to the shareholders, clients and the regulators.

While Australia is home, he has operated out of South Africa since 2000 and Asia since 2005 Rohit has developed a deep understanding of the culture and the inherent nuances driving each economy within Asia, in particular within the private wealth industry.